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Growing your lifestyle!

We believe that achieving a great lifestyle requires a little work. Finding a good balance between your own health and fitness and the health of your finances will certainly put you on track for reduced stress living. We offer a range of services all aimed at achieving the lifestyle you desire.

Financial Planning

Superannuation and Retirement Planning

Guidance on budgeting & goal setting

Savings & Wealth Creation Strategies

Protecting your wealth

Aged Care financial advice

SMSF investment strategies

Gearing Strategies


Personal Training

Group Training (Bootcamp)

Strength & Cardio Training

Weight Loss Strategies

Wellness Coaching


Nutrition Guidance


Menu Planning

Lifestyle Challenge

Goal Setting

Nutrition Guidance

Meal Planning

Fitness Program

Wellness Coaching

Financial Guidance



Shylea Ulrick

Financial Adviser

Lifestyle is important to me and helping you achieve the lifestyle you want is equally as important!


Lisa Hawthorne

Personal Trainer | Wellness Coach

Food, fitness, finances and fun! Get the right balance and your lifestyle becomes enjoyable!