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Meet Our Amazing Team!

Lifestyle Advisers Group is the creation of sisters, Shylea Ulrick and Lisa Hawthorne. The vision of the group is to provide holistic lifestyle advice to their clients.

Lifestyle can mean many different things to different people. We believe that you create a lifestyle that you are happy with by looking after the elements within your life holistically. It is one thing to say that you want a healthy lifestyle, but what does that actually mean? If you’re hitting the gym every day but are not looking after what you are fuelling your body with or your state of mind, then you’re overall health is not at its optimum.

Lifestyle Advisers Group has grown from a combination of Shylea and Lisa’s passions to help clients achieve the best from their lifestyle.

Shylea has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry and has been providing advice to clients on how to structure their finances that align with their desired lifestyle goals. The business model that her business has adopted has always included being more to clients than just someone who provides financial advice and has extended to being there for clients throughout life events that don’t fall under the scope of financial advice.

Lisa officially qualified as a personal trainer in 2012, a PADI Scuba Instructor in 1995, organised and conducted various physical training sessions throughout her career in the Australian Army and originally started in the fitness industry instructing karate in her young teens. She has also added a Certificate of Nutrition and Health Coaching to her qualifications. She has also been providing admin support to Shylea’s business since 2013.

When Shylea’s business went through a minor restructure due to the retirement of her partner, Shylea and Lisa started seriously looking at combining their strengths to truly take on the task of being able to provide holistic lifestyle advice.


Shylea Ulrick

Financial Adviser

Lifestyle is important to me and helping you achieve the lifestyle you want is equally as important!

Shylea commenced her career in financial services as a personal assistant in 1995 at Lifestyle Advisers Pty Ltd. She completed her Diploma of Financial Planning in 2005 and commenced her role as a Financial Planner. In 2011, Shylea officially became a partner in the business and following Peter Graham’s retirement last year, is now the sole owner of Lifestyle Advisers.

Her business is predominately based in Canberra where she has spent the last 24 years, however, having bought a property just outside Candelo 10 years ago, Shylea and her husband, Phil, finally relocated to the area.  Shylea specialises in retirement planning but can assist with a range of financial matters.  Lifestyle is important to Shylea and helping clients achieve their desired lifestyle is what her business is all about.

At the top of Shylea’s passions list are her husband, Phil and her dog, Sammi (Labrador X). Following closely are spending time enjoying the mountain views and spectacular sunsets at her property She enjoys her lifestyle including:

  • food
    • cooking and baking, and
    • dining out, especially trying new cuisines
  • entertainment
    • plays,
    • musicals, and
    • theatre
  • travel
    • new experiences in different countries and experiencing different cultures, and
    • discovering new regions of life in Australia

Photography is a passion of Shylea’s as it helps capture those lifestyle moments allowing her to create photobooks of memories that can be shared with family and friends.

Shylea is an avid supporter of the Brisbane Broncos, QLD State of Origin team and the Holden Racing Team. She enjoys travelling to Sydney to watch the rugby league matches, particularly when the Broncos are playing and also thoroughly enjoys being trackside when the V8’s are roaring by.

When Lisa needed to change her lifestyle, she left the corporate world to become a Personal Trainer and follow her passion of being able to help others attain their fitness goals. Around the same time Lifestyle Advisers found itself in a position of an admin overflow and no admin staff, so it was natural for Lisa to help her sister’s business and provide contract admin services. This arrangement worked well, so has continued with Lisa providing general admin, marketing and website design services. Now that Peter has retired, Lisa is undertaking more responsibility in a paraplanning role and Lisa and Shylea are merging their businesses to be under the one banner as they complement each other in the provision of holistic lifestyle advice.

Lisa's passion for helping others attain their fitness goals began very early in life. At the age of 10, Lisa was instructing both adults and juniors in karate at both the beginner and advanced levels as well as maintaining her own training, so a six day workout week is nothing new! While it has been quite some time since Lisa has brought out the karate moves, she has certainly been engaged in training both in the fitness, sport and recreation fields as well as others. In addition to Personal Training, Lisa is also a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and a Wellness Coach. Her background also includes 15 years’ service in the Australian Army, various roles as a Trainer and Assessor (in training, business, retail and hospitality), running her own dive charter boat and other odd jobs in hospitality and retail.

Lisa is located in Redcliffe, Queensland so gets to enjoy the sunshine and beach on a regular basis. She is happily married to Kev, has two great step-daughters and three (soon to be four) adorable grandkids! Lisa also works in a local gym and while the gym is a great place to be, Lisa loves to run, cycle and kayak – anything in the great outdoors and particularly anything that involves the ocean!


Lisa Hawthorne

Personal Trainer | Wellness Coach

Maintaining sound health and wellbeing is my core business. In today's society, being in control of your finances plays a major role in your mental wellbeing.